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Proudly powering Kiwis, now and into the future.

Energy is changing, and Clarus is right behind the transition. You’re in the right place if you want to know how one of the country’s largest energy groups is innovating, investing in and implementing renewable gas and solar technology to help us move to a lower emission energy system.

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Could we be cooking with renewable gas in the future?

Thousands of kiwis love the benefits and overall efficiency gas provides; from instant heat and precision cooking, to endless hot water and a toasty warm home. To ensure this continues, Clarus company First Renewables is partnering with Ecogas on New Zealand’s first plant to be able to upgrade biogas into biomethane, a renewable gas. The new facility will start transforming food waste into biomethane this year. Once up and running, the initial production estimates from this one facility will supply the equivalent of enough renewable gas for up to 7,200 homes* and will avoid emissions from natural gas of about 11,000 tonnes of CO2e per year!

*7,200 houses at an average residential gas demand of 22GJ p.a. = 160TJ p.a. (estimated annual biomethane injected at Broadlands).
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New Zealand’s largest solar farm is coming.

We’ve entered a partnership with global renewable energy infrastructure developer, Harmony Energy to develop and own Tauhei Solar Farm. Once developed, it will capture Te Aroha sunshine using ~330,000 solar panels over ~260 hectares of land - equivalent to the size of around 371 rugby fields! Once it starts operating, Tauhei will generate and feed into the national grid more than 270 GWh of electricity each year, which is enough renewable energy to power around 35,000 Kiwi homes and businesses. What’s even better is it’s not just the New Zealand energy system that will benefit. A vital part of the project will be restoring 7ha of wetlands and planting over 120,000 natives to increase biodiversity in the area.

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Hydrogen blending to be piloted.

Hydrogen is a cleaner alternative to natural gas. It can be produced by electrolysis, which is the process of using electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. If the electricity is generated using renewable resources like wind and solar, then the process creates no new carbon emissions, and the hydrogen produced is ‘green’ hydrogen. That’s why we’re working on a project to blend a small amount of hydrogen with natural gas in our Firstgas pipeline network.

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Energy is what we do, but it’s people we do it for.

This could not be more relevant given the extreme circumstances our Firstlight Network team has powered through over the past two years to keep their communities connected. As the lines company for Tairāwhiti and Wairoa, Firstlight Network’s Community Connectedness Programme is about not only keeping the power on and restoring it when the lights go out, but strengthening connectedness with people and the environment, and working with other regional stakeholders on energy initiatives that can help balance supply security, enable decarbonisation and maintain energy affordability now and into the future.

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Ahuroa gas storage upgrade completed successfully

Clarus business, Flexgas completed an upgrade to its Ahuroa gas storage facility in Taranaki in October 2020. The upgrade provides greater flexibility and security of gas supply, which supports New Zealand’s growing renewable electricity generation fleet.

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Harmony Energy and First Renewables announce joint venture for the development of New Zealand's largest Solar farm

Global renewable energy infrastructure developer, Harmony Energy Limited has entered a joint venture with First Renewables Limited, part of New Zealand energy group Clarus (formerly Firstgas Group), to develop and own Tauhei Solar Farm.

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Tim Lepper: Delivering a NZ first renewable gas upgrade project

Clarus company, First Renewables is close to completing work on an exciting New Zealand-first renewable gas project that will turn food scraps into biomethane.

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Just how big will the Tauhei Solar Farm be?

This year, construction is expected to start on the Tauhei Solar Farm, a joint venture between First Renewables (a Clarus company) and Harmony Energy. Located in Te Aroha, the Tauhei Solar Farm at the time of commissioning, is anticipated to be New Zealand’s largest solar farm at 200 megawatts.

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Opinion piece: Gas is here to stay

It’s a confusing time for energy consumers, especially those using gas. We are told on the one hand that our country needs to go 100% electric and that our gas supplies are dwindling. Yet gas remains critical to supporting our country’s variable renewable electricity generation sources – a point that was made crystal clear with the threat of power shortages on the coldest day of the year so far.

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New e-bike scheme at Clarus is creating good energy on the ride to work

Over the past couple of months Clarus has seen a steady number of its employees ditch their cars on some days, and instead opt for an e-bike as their transport of choice to get them to the office. The latest initiative that has the Clarus team buzzing with excitement is the adoption of Workride, a scheme designed to foster healthier commuting habits among employees.

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Firstlight Network keeps communities connected

It’s been an incredibly busy 18 months the Firstlight Network team as they weathered multiple severe weather events in 2023, carried on business as usual, and were welcomed into the Clarus team – changing their name and embedding new systems along the way.