Firstlight Network keeps communities connected

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It’s been an incredibly busy 18 months the Firstlight Network team as they weathered multiple severe weather events in 2023, carried on business as usual, and were welcomed into the Clarus team – changing their name and embedding new systems along the way.

The Community Connectedness Programme is a key focus for the team at Firstlight Network. It’s all about connectedness across the communities of Tairāwhiti and Wairoa, who are spread over 12,000 square kilometres of often remote terrain.

This includes their fundamental purpose: keeping the power on and restoring it when the lights go out, through even the most challenging of storms. And, making sure people are informed every step of the way.

This is focused on keeping communities connected to power and building and strengthening social connectedness. Maintaining and improving the community’s trust is always vital. With Cyclone Gabrielle, the entire region lost power, internet and phone connections. Once the region was reconnected to the national grid, there were still around 4,500 customers without power. Everyone involved in the Network worked tirelessly over two weeks to reconnect power to remote, cut off communities.

The results of this ongoing programme show what a vital, and meaningful, role Firstlight Network plays in the everyday lives of local communities.

Watch our video where George Drysdale, Manager, Firstlight Network Operations, shares the good energy coming from our Firstlight Network team.