New e-bike scheme at Clarus is creating good energy on the ride to work

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Over the past couple of months Clarus has seen a steady number of its employees ditch their cars on some days, and instead opt for an e-bike as their transport of choice to get them to the office.  

The latest initiative that has the Clarus team buzzing with excitement is the adoption of Workride, a scheme designed to foster healthier commuting habits among employees.  

Ralph Hobbs, Manager of Remuneration and Analytics at Clarus says, “We’re all about good energy, at work and at home, so the Workride scheme is a win-win and is proving popular across the organisation with over 40 people already signed up to the scheme.   

Seeing our employees take to Workride with such enthusiasm is a clear indicator of our shared values. It’s more than just a work perk; it underscores Clarus’ commitment to supporting our employees in creating healthier lifestyle habits.”  

Kellie O’Sullivan, GM People, Safety and Sustainability at Clarus feels like she has stepped into a whole new world now that she has an e-bike. “I was always a strong supporter of the traditional bike. But then when the Workride scheme was offered, it was too good to pass up. 

“I use it to do my weekend jobs instead of driving, which makes the whole experience more fun and it’s so much better than being stuck in traffic. The motor gets me up Wellington hills easily and I have explored back roads and areas I wouldn’t usually venture. I can honestly say that it’s a game changer,” adds Kellie.  

Overall, implementing Workride has been a positive step towards supporting employee well-being and their interest in embracing alternative, greener modes of transportation.  

“At Clarus, we understand that empowering our employees extends beyond the workplace. Workride is an important tool in this journey, and we’re just getting started,”  comments Ralph.

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