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We are using our collective knowledge and experience to lead conversations about New Zealand’s energy future. We are actively researching, innovating and investing in renewable energy projects, and playing our part in helping our country meet its goal of net zero carbon by 2050.

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Transitioning from natural gas to hydrogen

Transitioning to renewable, low carbon gas is important if we want to reduce New Zealand’s carbon emissions - and hydrogen has a big part to play. 

In 2021 Clarus released study findings confirming that gas pipeline networks in New Zealand could flow a blend of hydrogen. The results show we have sufficient network capacity and a viable strategy for converting our pipeline networks to a hydrogen blend from 2035 and moving to 100% hydrogen by 2050. Since this study we have been working behind the scenes to further investigate and plan for New Zealand’s first hydrogen blend pilot using an existing natural gas network in the near future. 


Ecogas Reparoa site

NZ's first renewable gas to pipeline facility

Clarus business First Renewables, along with Ecogas is building a state-of-the-art plant to upgrade Ecogas’ biogas into renewable gas to inject into the gas network. A first for New Zealand, the new facility will start transforming kerbside food waste into biomethane, a valuable source of renewable gas, from the second quarter of 2024.

Once up and running the initial production estimates from this one facility will supply enough renewable gas, equivalent to supplying up to 7,200 homes and will avoid emissions from natural gas of about 11,000 tonnes of CO2e per year*.

In the future Clarus would like to see the development of multiple renewable gas to pipeline facilities in New Zealand. A joint study between Beca and Clarus and Fonterra reveals that this could produce enough gas to supply all residential users and three quarters of commercial gas users with low carbon gas, equivalent to taking 415,000 petrol cars off our roads*.

*A joint study by Beca, Firstgas Group (now Clarus) and Fonterra reveals renewable gas is a viable, 
untapped solution to decarbonising New Zealand’s residential natural gas network right now,
with the potential to replace nearly 20% of New Zealand’s total gas usage by 2050.
Ahuroa site and Taranaki Maunga

Ahuroa upgrade provides flexible gas supply to support renewable energy

Clarus business, Flexgas completed a major upgrade to its Ahuroa gas storage facility in Taranaki in late 2020. This upgrade provides greater flexibility and security of gas supply. 

We believe gas storage will play a key role in the transition to a low emissions energy future as it is vital to support the generation of renewable electricity, particularly in the winter months and over peak demand periods. It is also becoming more important with the addition of new variable wind and solar generation capacity. 

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