Biogas to pipeline upgrade facility

Upgrade facility site March24 2
Clarus business, First Renewables is currently building a state-of-the-art facility to upgrade Ecogas’ biogas into renewable gas at Ecogas’ Organics Processing Facility in Reporoa, the first of its kind in New Zealand.  Once completed, this new facility will start transforming kerbside food waste into biomethane, a valuable source of renewable gas. 


Latest project updates

  • March 2024

    Meet Tim Lepper - our biogas upgrade project manager

    Tim Lepper, the Senior Project Manager says that its taken 18 months of planning, documenting and detailed design to get to the start of the construction. But now, the foundations are largely completed, many of the major pieces of equipment have been landed and the next phase is finishing off mechanical and electrical work scopes. “There’s a real sense of momentum now – I get quite excited when I start to see physical things being bolted down to the ground, and pipework being built and installed. We’re at the stage where everything’s happening.” Lepper says one of the joys of his job is solving a wide array of problems on this fascinating project. And creating a facility that will help reduce emissions is also a major motivator.

  • December 2023

    New pipeline laid to transport the renewable gas

    Our First Renewables biogas upgrade facility site is starting to take shape. The pipeline has been laid down and will disappear underground prior to Christmas. This pipeline will transport the renewable gas from the upgrade facility to the Firstgas network. Once up and running we estimate initial production will supply enough renewable gas, equivalent to supplying up to 7,200 homes to enjoy the benefits of gas in their existing appliances, avoiding about 11,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

  • June 2023

    Eneraque compressor forms essential part of upgrading process

    Australian company, Eneraque has been commissioned to supply the compressor, which forms an essential part of the biomethane upgrading facility. The compressor enables us to take Ecogas’ biogas from the anaerobic digesters and send it through the upgrading process, turning it into biomethane, a type of renewable gas. The pressure generated by the compressor then allows the biomethane to be transported through Firstgas’ transmission pipeline to customers on our network. This technology is a first of its kind for New Zealand.