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Clarus is committed to pursuing clean energy solutions to help New Zealand reach net zero carbon by 2050. This hub provides information, updates and our latest developments as we look to the future of renewable gas.

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Opinion piece: Gas is here to stay

It’s a confusing time for energy consumers, especially those using gas. We are told on the one hand that our country needs to go 100% electric and that our gas supplies are dwindling. Yet gas remains critical to supporting our country’s variable renewable electricity generation sources – a point that was made crystal clear with the threat of power shortages on the coldest day of the year so far.

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    Tim Lepper: Delivering a NZ first renewable gas upgrade project

    Clarus company, First Renewables is close to completing work on an exciting New Zealand-first renewable gas project that will turn food scraps into biomethane.

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    Suzuki to open four biogas plants in India

    Auto manufacturer Suzuki plans to build four biogas refineries in India, which will begin operating in 2025. The biogas plants will turn cattle manure into biomethane, and that methane will be used to power vehicles that are currently fuelled by compressed natural gas.

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    Touring Australia’s renewable gas sites

    Once again, from the renewable gas space, we have a first-person account from James Irvine, GM of Future Fuels at Firstgas Group. James was fortunate to join the GasNZ & Bioenergy Australia tour of renewable gas projects, travelling across 5 Australian states in 5 days. He shares some of his insights about the projects he visited that spanned a variety of renewable technologies, scale and businesses.

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    The future of bioLPG

    Liquified petroleum gas, or LPG, is used in thousands of homes and businesses across New Zealand and particularly in the South Island. Many homes use 45kg LPG bottles to fuel their gas fires and hot water cylinders – providing instant heat all year round- as well as 9kg bottles to fuel the barbie.

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    Big oil moves into biogas

    Big oil companies aren’t in the business of losing money. That’s why it’s fascinating to see Shell and BP investing billions of dollars into biogas, a renewable energy source that could eventually replace natural gas and help reduce global carbon emissions.