Suzuki to open four biogas plants in India

Suzuki biogas plant blog

Auto manufacturer Suzuki plans to build four biogas refineries in India, which will begin operating in 2025. The biogas plants will turn cattle manure into biomethane, and that methane will be used to power vehicles that are currently fuelled by compressed natural gas. Each of the four plants will produce around 1.2 tonnes of biomethane each day, or enough to power 680 cars.

Although India is making great strides in adopting electric vehicles, the local electricity infrastructure makes it hard for most people to charge an EV at home. This has meant that gas-powered cars have become an important alternative.

“Suzuki is tackling to reduce greenhouse gas in ways that suit the situations of each country and region,” said Toshihiro Suzuki, president of the company. “In India, there is expectation for biogas which is said to have high reduction effects. We will contribute toward realising carbon neutrality through making proactive initiatives in the biogas production business.”

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