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Clarus is committed to pursuing clean energy solutions to help New Zealand reach net zero carbon by 2050. This hub provides information, updates and our latest developments as we look to the future of renewable gas.

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Opinion piece: Gas is here to stay

It’s a confusing time for energy consumers, especially those using gas. We are told on the one hand that our country needs to go 100% electric and that our gas supplies are dwindling. Yet gas remains critical to supporting our country’s variable renewable electricity generation sources – a point that was made crystal clear with the threat of power shortages on the coldest day of the year so far.

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  • Hiringa officially open H2 refuelling station V2
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    Hiringa’s first hydrogen refuelling station opens

    Kiwi company Hiringa has opened the first hydrogen refuelling station in New Zealand – the start of an Australasian-first hydrogen network. Located in Wiri, South Auckland, the hydrogen station is one of three Auckland sites now operational, with another 21 sites in development across Aotearoa.

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    Wellington Airport trialling green hydrogen to power service vehicles

    Wellington Airport, Hiringa Energy, Air New Zealand and Toyota New Zealand have worked together to conduct a trial at the Wellington airport to test how viable green hydrogen could be to power service vehicles on the ground.

  • Hyhome outside clrus
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    Australia’s game-changing hydrogen home leads the way

    Could your home run on green hydrogen in the future? The HyHome in Australia is demonstrating exactly how well hydrogen could work as the energy source for home heating, cooking, and hot water.

  • Airbus ZEROe 6 pods concept plane resized
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    NZ aviation gears up for hydrogen flights

    Could Kiwi travellers one day be jetting around the country in planes fuelled by green hydrogen? That’s the plan, according to the New Zealand Hydrogen Aviation Consortium, a group of forward-thinking aviation industry businesses formed in late 2023.