Hydrogen blending gains momentum

south aus hydro

Renewable green hydrogen with zero emissions is set to change the way we use gas. From cooktops to heating to industrial boilers, green hydrogen has the potential to significantly reduce emissions across a wide range of applications.

It all starts with a blend of hydrogen added to the natural gas pipelines, which is already happening across the globe. Here’s an example of a successful hydrogen blending projects that is leading the way:

Success for South Australia’s Hydrogen Park

It began with just 700 homes, and now 5% renewable hydrogen is being blended into almost 4,000 homes and businesses at Hydrogen Park (HyP) South Australia. What started in 2021 as a small pilot study to see how renewable gas would work in homes has now expanded into a much bigger project – showing the ease with which hydrogen blending can be scaled up.

“The local community has shown strong support for HyP SA and the renewable hydrogen it produces,” says Craig de Laine, Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) CEO. “One hundred percent of customers surveyed have told us that the safe and reliable delivery of gas to their homes has remained the same or improved, and 96% experienced either no difference or an improvement to their appliances.”

There are plans to expand the blending project even further, eventually reaching all AGIG’s 475,000 South Australian gas customers.