German ‘hydrogen island’ reaches 30% green blending target

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A gas blending trial in Germany is on track to reach a 30% hydrogen injection rate, cutting carbon emissions for 30 local homeowners. The blended gas is being delivered to an area in a town of standalone family homes, known as the Oehringen ‘hydrogen island’. Since 2022 the homes have been receiving a blend of natural gas and green hydrogen, which began at an 8% blend of hydrogen, before being raised to 20% and now to 30%.

The gas company suppling the reduced-emission blend says it’s been a big success. All the pipeline infrastructure and home appliances have adapted to the blend without any major adjustments or replacements. According to Andreas Frasch, a pensioner who participated in the trial, “There is no noticeable difference to 100% gas.”

Renewable gas set to change our ways

Renewable green hydrogen with zero emissions is set to change the way we use gas. From cooktops to heating to industrial boilers, green hydrogen has the potential to significantly reduce emissions across a wide range of applications.

It all starts with a blend of hydrogen added to the natural gas pipelines, which is already happening across the globe and Firstgas is in the planning stages of New Zealand’s first hydrogen trial.