Firstgas Group looks to the future with change of name to Clarus

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Firstgas Group announced today that it is changing its name to Clarus, meaning clear and bright.

Paul Goodeve, Clarus CE (formally Firstgas Group) said, “The change to Clarus marks a new and exciting phase for our group of companies, as we look to the future of energy.

“Rest assured, while we will no longer use the name Firstgas Group, our companies Firstgas, Rockgas, Firstlight Network, First Renewables and Flexgas are still very much here for the long-term. Clarus ties these brands together and represents the direction we’re heading in,” Goodeve explained.

“Whether it’s transmission, distribution, supply or storage of energy, the companies under the Clarus banner service nearly half a million homes and businesses of all sizes right across Aotearoa.

“Energy is what we do, delivering it to Kiwi homes and businesses now and into the future. Thanks to ongoing research and leveraging international progress, we are on a path to distributing alternative, more renewable energy sources, playing our part to help New Zealand reach its net zero carbon goal by 2050.

“We have progressed our renewable gas projects this year. We are on track to deliver New Zealand’s first biogas to biomethane upgrading facility, in Q2 next year and we have made progress on New Zealand’s first hydrogen blend trial. We also continue to investigate bioLPG, which could allow our Rockgas customers to reduce their emissions in the future,” Goodeve said.

“We are excited about the future. We have a clear strategy and are looking at opportunities to ensure New Zealanders are delivered natural gas, LPG and electricity safely and reliably right now, while we plan for a future with renewable energy.” Goodeve added.  

Introducing the Clarus icon:

The Clarus icon is a visual representation of the idea that our people’s good energy and our projects brings better change for New Zealand. It represents a fusion of our innovative thinking and the way that we are looking forward. The softly abstracted form is a representation of New Zealand.

About Clarus:

Clarus is one of New Zealand's largest energy groups. Whether it’s transmission, distribution, supply or storage of energy, the companies within the Clarus group service over half a million homes and businesses of all sizes around New Zealand.

Firstgas connects over 300,000 homes and businesses with natural gas though its gas distribution and high-pressure transmission network. This essential infrastructure supports New Zealand’s economy, so the group is committed to helping customers maximise value from it.

Flexgas provides energy storage services to electricity generators, offering an important source of flexibility to the electricity system and supporting high levels of intermittent wind, hydro and solar generation.

Rockgas is New Zealand’s largest LPG retail supplier, providing fast and reliable service through a national network of branches and franchises.

Firstlight Network is the lines company supplying electricity to the Tairāwhiti and Wairoa region, responsible for keeping the lights on across 12,000 square kilometres of the East Coast.

We are also investing in innovative renewable energy solutions such as biomethane and hydrogen, to help New Zealand reach its net zero carbon goals by 2050. Our First Renewables business is leading this work, alongside other options that will bring renewable energy to New Zealand homes, businesses and energy-intensive industries in the future.

For more information please contact: Cressida Gates-Thompson, Clarus External Communications Specialist, 027 703 6177 /