First grid injection of biomethane in Ireland

Evovle injection of biomethane photo

Ireland’s first ever direct-to-grid injection of biomethane into the Northern Ireland gas grid at Dungannon stands as a ground-breaking milestone for the decarbonisation of energy. 

Evolve, the distribution network operator for the west of Northern Ireland, is spearheading this transformative journey for the local energy industry. The integration of renewable and sustainable energy sources into existing gas grids is identified as a crucial step by the Northern Ireland government. Connecting to the gas network (where possible) to take advantage of the plan to fully decarbonise the gas used in the network is a recommendation in the Northern Ireland Executive’s Path to Net Zero Energy Strategy, with plans to fully decarbonise the entire network by 2030.

David Butler, Director at Evolve, said: “A just transition demands cooperation, partnership, and coordinated efforts from government bodies, businesses, researchers, customers and communities. By uniting our collective expertise and resources, we can navigate the complex challenges ahead, ensuring that no one is left behind in the pursuit of a sustainable and equitable future.”

Biomethane has already been identified as a pivotal energy source in decarbonisation goals throughout Europe and most countries have now developed a subsidy scheme to support production in the early stages of developing the industry. The Danish parliament has adopted formal conditions to increase biomethane production to substitute 100% of the Danish gas demand before 2030. 

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