Good energy at work

Our good energy (at work) keeps our people safe, encourages their growth and development, supports our communities, inspires us to think ahead to be part of our shared energy future. Good energy at work is good for all of us.

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Our values

Our values were created by our people, for our people. The symbol of the tiger represents not only our values but also the hidden dangers in the work we do. Compared to lions who hunt in the open, tigers are very difficult to see.  Both animals can kill you, but you won’t see the tiger until it’s too late.

It’s the same with keeping our assets and people safe.  We must always be on the look out for risks and hazards.  Our people feel a deep-seated pride in our business and what we do, and so owning and living our values reminds us of the culture we want to build on Clarus on as well as making sure our people work in a safe environment.



At Clarus we have a team of awesome individuals with a huge variety of strengths, skills and amazing attitudes. Our people make Clarus the powerhouse it is.  

We want our workplace to be welcoming and inclusive for everyone - regardless of their background, experiences, ethnicity, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation - and we recognise that fostering a strong sense of belonging is great for both our organisation and our people.

Building Belonging is about supporting our Clarus team to grow our collective awareness and understanding of difference perspectives and find ways to honour and support those points of view. 

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We've 'Got Your Back'

At Clarus we know that our people perform at their best when they can bring their whole self to work and recognise this with our national award winning Got Your Back programme.

Our Got Your Back Wellbeing Toolbox is full of resources, seminars and information, and is based on the holistic model of Te Whare Tapa Whā which is structured around the pillars of mind, body, habits and relationships.

This programme represents the commitment that Clarus makes to the wellbeing of our employees, their whānau and our communities. As our priorities change and evolve for our people, so does our Wellbeing Toolbox – from planning for retirement, dealing with a sports injury, and providing tips for parenting, to facing addiction issues. 

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This is Us Report

We believe in transparency, and in ensuring
that inclusion and caring for people are priorities 
for us. By reporting on these, we can measure
our progress and ensure we’re always moving
in the right direction. We know that there is a
long way to go, and we have work to do,
but we’re proud to share this report and our
progress with you.