Health and safety

At the heart of Clarus are our people. We lead a safety-first culture and we work as one dedicated team. Clarus has a commitment to provide healthy and safe working environments for our people, communities, visitors and customers.

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The First Principles

Our First Principles outline our approach to achieving healthy and safe work within Clarus. 

They recognise that much of what we do is complex and cannot be simplified down to a set of rules to comply with. Instead, the principles act as guidance to ensure everyone considers health and safety in everything they do.

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Safe work = successful work

Delivering successful work should never come at the expense of workplace health and safety.

At Clarus, both outcomes are underpinned by the same principles, so by focusing on putting in place the foundations for safe work we make it easier to deliver successfully. 

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Critical Risks

We’ve identified significant risks that are commonly seen across the whole business. These critical risks, and their associated controls, are where we target our focus.