Energy is what we do, but it’s people we do it for. Our businesses have offices nationwide and we care about and contribute to the communities we’re a part of.

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Our community fund

Through our day-to-day operations we touch many communities across New Zealand. Clarus looks to support local people, places and events in education, the environment, sports, and community enrichment through our community fund.

We will consider small local projects, or longer-term initiatives that positively impacts a community where Clarus operates and aligns with our Clarus values.

Our community fund partners

We value the relationships created when we team up with organisations, charities, groups and individuals in the communities where we operate. It also helps us put many of our company values into action and often gives our people the opportunity to get involved in their communities.

New Plymouth Mountain Bikers Club

Firstgas has been a supporter of the New Plymouth Mountain Bikers Club since 2016 and in 2023 became the main sponsor of the Club’s medic team, who attend all major club events. With Firstgas’ support, the Club plans to expand its medic team and put them through specific mountain bike first-aid training. Pictured above are Finn and Amber, they are proficient in advanced emergency care, including the use of oxygen, defibrillators, advanced airway management tools, and resuscitation techniques. Firstgas is pleased to be able to provide support to the Club for this important mahi over the next five years.

The Taranaki Secondary Sports Association

Clarus company, Firstgas is proud to partner with the Taranaki Secondary Schools’ Sports Association (TSSSA), who are passionate about Taranaki youth being engaged in sport for life. Running more than 40 sporting events a year for over 4000 youth, the TSSSA encourages participation in a diverse range of sports that are non-competitive and inclusive of all students across Taranaki. Our employees volunteer at some of these events and helps students with their sports activities. We also talk to the kids about the future of renewable gas, while they enjoy a sausage sizzle cooked on our hydrogen BBQ.

New Zealand Riding for the Disabled

Clarus company, Firstgas is a proud sponsor of the Riding for Disabled (RDA) in Taranaki and Christchurch. The RDA is a voluntary, non-profit organisation providing riding activities that increase the ability, independence and confidence of people with physical, intellectual, emotional, and social challenges. Through our support of two much loved RDA horses, ‘Cruz’ and ‘Jazz’, we help the RDA to enable and support disabled people to achieve good lives including meaningful participation in, and contribution to, important life activities and roles in their community.

Mōkau Museum in Taranaki

The Mōkau Museum was established by the Tainui Historical Society to display the collection of artifacts that are of interest to the area. Clarus business, Firstgas has supported the musuem with funding to help ensure the Society can document and display tanoga, natural history and cultural heritage realting to the region, where both the Maui and Kapuni gas pipelines are operating in the area. A display in the Museum highlights the history of the Firstgas owned pipelines and explains the significance of its relationship with local iwi, Ngāti Tama over the years.

Mōkau Bone Carving Symposium

Through our pipeline operations in the Mōkau region, Clarus business, Firstgas is a sponsor of the annual bone carving symposium that takes place at Easter every year. This is a national art event that helps to restore the mana of bone carving and encourages people to get involved, whilst raising the skill level amongst carvers, which helps to encourage and inspire all involved. The 2023 event was a record breaker with 60 carvers participating, which created a real buzz in the Mōkau community over the long weekend.

Supporting East Coast rugby

The Ngati Porou East Coast (NPEC) Rugby Union is the pride of the East Coast, Tāirawhiti, and the only one of its kind in the entire country that is iwi based. NPEC share their rich heritage and their passion for the game of rugby from their club grounds at Whakarua Park in Ruatoria. Clarus business, Firstlight Network are equally proud to be sponsors of the Hamoterangi senior wahine team. Together with our contractors we work across the East Coast, and we are delighted to be able to support this iconic rugby team and share the excitement of their big games with local fans.

Apply for funding

Thank you for your interest in applying to our community fund. We have some criteria when considering applications and will only consider applications in the areas of education, environmental, sports or community enrichment.

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